Just Band-70 Black Interior

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Offer valid till 31.08.2020.

Qubo ™ Just Band is a rounded beanbag made from high quality and

durable fabric. It is small, light and compact to place in any corner

including a bathroom, a balcony or a bungalow. Furthermore, Qubo ™

Just Band beanbag is an ideal addition for any other beanbag as a leg’s

supporter and could be used as a table together with the bolster Qubo ™

Just Tabletop. A beautiful interior thing which lets comfortable sit down

in the hall while taking off your shoes as well as a nice detail for children

room which allows playing without an injury hazard.

This model is suitable for pets, as additional seating during different

events, doing yoga and as a design detail. The size is suitable for children

and grownups.  

Due to a special handle made from fabric, this beanbag is easy to move

around and even to hang on a wall as an effective solution for storage if

it is out of use.

Be creative and find more different ways how to use it!

It is made of high-quality materials, filled with high durability and high-

density polystyrene beads.

Made in Latvia.